Journal articles and book contributions, these are available to download via Research Gate:

Journal Papers

Littlewood, D. & Holt, D. (forthcoming) Social Entrepreneurship in South Africa: Exploring the Influence of Environment. Business & Society

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Rivera-Santos, M., Holt, D., Littlewood, D. & Kolk, A. (2015). Social entrepreneurship in sub-Saharan Africa. Academy of Management Perspectives

Book Contributions

Littlewood, D. & Holt, D. (2015) Social and Environmental Enterprises in Africa: Context, Convergence and Characteristics. In The Business of Social and Environmental Innovation. Springer. Hamann, R., Nwosu, E., and Hall, M. (Ed.).

Holt, D. & Littlewood, D. (2014) The informal economy as a route to market in Sub-Saharan Africa – observations amongst Kenyan informal economy entrepreneurs, The Routledge Companion to Business in Africa. Nwankwo, S and Ibeh, K. (Ed.).

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