The Flip Flop Recycling Company

Founded: 2005

Sector: Social Enterprise; Environmental Enterprise

Location: Nairobi Kenya



Founded in 2005, the FlipFlop Recycling Company (FFRC) is a social and environmental enterprise based in Kenya which creates artistic products from discarded flip flops. The FFRC collects discarded flip flops from around the world which wash up on East African beaches and waterways. The flip flops are then transformed by local artisans into craft creations helping poor communities earn an income. The FFRC also provides communities with business skills training and capacity building. The FFRC aims to generate a sustainable impact by cleaning up beaches, and thus helping to conserve the wider marine ecosystem. Through this process the FFRC is also able to create greater awareness about the ocean and its inhabitants.

The FFRC works in partnership with The Ocean Foundation, an NGO which acts as a platform bringing together like minded stakeholders to have a positive impact on the ocean and its ecosystems. The Ocean Foundation aims to facilitate: better management and protection of the ocean's resources, ecosystems and habitats; a global drive for supporting the clean-up of oceans with the innovative use of waste products; innovation and research into alternative technologies to improve and replace the use of plastic and rubber products; trade based solutions to marine related problems.


The FFRC produces a wide range of products including:

1) Sculptures (safari animals)
2) Household goods (bowls, clocks, placemats etc.)
3) Interactives (juggling ball, mobiles and toys)
4) Fashion and accessories (gum boots, earrings, bracelets, necklaces)
5) Stationary (Pens, notebooks, pen tops, utility holders)
6) Gifts (Key rings, magnets, house accessories)
7) Xmas decorations

Contact Details

P.O. Box 15565-00503
Nairobi, Kenya
Tel: + 254 (0)727 531 301
Physical Address:
Marula Studios
40 Marula Lane (off Karen Road)
Karen, Nairobi