Founded: 1982

Sector: Environmental goods and services

Location: Lower Kabete Nairobi Kenya


Founded in 1982 Cookswell Enterprises produces, markets and sells innovative energy saving charcoal and wood fuelled stoves and ovens to customers across Kenya and internationally. Cookswell Enterprise's stoves and ovens are produced locally and are Kenya Bureau of Standards Diamond Mark of Quality approved. They are available for purchase in Nakumatt Supermarkets across Kenya, and also Nakumatt Kigali and Kampala branches. In Kenya they are furthermore available at Uchumi supermarkets, Chardust Ltd Nairobi, and Olerai Ltd. Tree Planting Advisory Centre (TPAC), as well as by direct purchase from the Kitengela Arboretum Musaki Enterprise factory shop. The motto of Cookswell Enterprises is "Save Money, Save Energy, Save our Forests and Eat Well". The company aims to pioneer clean, affordable energy alternatives for all people. Cookswell Enterprise products help customers save substantially on their energy bills. Their stoves and ovens significantly reduce the amount of charcoal used in cooking. This reduction in charcoal consumption helps reduce tree cutting and thus contributes to saving Kenya's forests.

As a recent addition to Cookswell Enterprises areas of activity, and reflecting its commitment to sustainable forestry and wider social and environmental concerns, the company has begun selling tree seeds. Marketed under the name Kenya Seeds of Change the company sells packets of multi use indigenous tree seeds predominantly from the Acacia family. Trees seeds from this family were selected for sale because they are honey producing, nitrogen fixing, provide good shade, provide a habitat for birds and animals, have good rain water retention and are a good source of charcoal and firewood. All seeds are Kenya Forestry Research Institute (KEFRI) certified and each packet comes with easy to understand planting instructions. A packet of tree seeds is included with every purchase of a charcoal or wood fuelled stove or oven from Cookswell Enterprises. Through this inclusion it is hoped that customers will plant the seeds creating a long term renewable 'green' energy source for their own use. By selling the seeds in small bags the company hopes that they will be available for purchase by all people. Cookswell Enterprises also provides land use planning services and undertakes tree planting.

Contact Details

Physical Address: Farasi Lane, Lower Kabete, Nairobi & Kitengela Town, Kajiado.

Postal Address: PO BOX 23058 Lower Kabete Nairobi Kenya

Telephone: 0771935140 - 0724690352



To download a more in-depth report on the Cookswell Enterprise case study mapping its sustainable development and poverty alleviation impacts please follow the link below: