CEDARTE and Greenarte

Founded: CEDARTE founded 2006; Greenarte founded 2010

Sector: Non-Profit/Social Enterprise

Location: Head office in Maputo works across 6 provinces in Mozambique

Website: http://www.cedarte.org.mz/


CEDARTE (Centre of Studies and Crafts Development) is a non-profit non-governmental organisation which aims to promote the development of the craft industry in Mozambique. Founded in 2006 in the wake of a programme by Aid to Artisans, an international NGO with a history of operations in Mozambique and across the wider Southern Africa region, many of CEDARTE's staff have been with the organisation since that period. Aid to Artisans, and other international partners including the WK Kellogg Foundation and the Ford Foundation, played an important role in CEDARTE's establishment working in partnership with local entrepreneurs and founders. CEDARTE works to develop capacity, skills and knowledge within the craft sector in Mozambique, facilitating training opportunities for crafts people. CEDARTE furthermore promotes the sustainable use of resources in craft production, as well as encouraging innovation, commercialisation and fair business practices across the sector. Founded in 2010, Greenarte is CEDARTE's sister organisation and acts as a vehicle for selling crafts both domestically through its stores and internationally. greenarte operates as a business with the profits generated used to fund CEDARTE's operations and interventions.


We want to bring the spirit and beauty of the Mozambican craft to people's life worldwide by promoting a healthy and competitive business environment in the craft industry, implementing sustainable marketing actions, development and innovation of products, training, advocacy and knowledge management, which will help raise the incomes of Mozambican craftsmen and their communities.


We want to be the main reference centre of Mozambique in knowledge and promotion of national handicrafts development.

1. Promotion of fair business; 2. Artistic and cultural preservation; 3. Sustainable use of resources; 4. Commitment to poorer communities; 5. Non-discrimination of beneficiaries; 6. Openness and Honesty; 7. Sustainability of the Organization; 8. Fans of results orientation


CEDARTE is active in 5 principal programme areas working towards the overall objective of increased competitiveness in the Mozambican craft industry. CEDARTE works towards this goal using marketing initiatives including market access training and capacity-building, through product innovation, development and diversification, by increasing the sector's production capacity, and through promoting partnerships between various actors.

These 5 programme areas are:

1. Programme of Training and Capacity-Building for Crafts Entrepreneurs

This programme aims to contribute to an increase in the quantity and quality of Mozambican crafts production through continual training and skills development initiatives.

2. Programme to Promote the Sustainable Use of Resources

This programme aims to facilitate the continuous access of artisans to sustainable raw materials and other resources including financial resources.

3. Product Development, Innovation and Design Program

The objective of this programme is to contribute to innovation and an increase in the commercial appeal of Mozambican crafts products

4. Market Access Programme

This programme aims to promote the commercialization of Mozambican crafts works, both within the country and internationally.

5. Programme for Marketing the Sector, Communication and Networking

The purpose of this programme is to contribute to the improved visibility and increased awareness of Mozambicans, on the one hand, and international buyers, on the other hand, about the potential of Mozambican crafts. This programme also aims to promote smoother working within the craft sector through networking and advocacy.

Where and with whom CEDARTE works

CEDARTE, from its headquarters in Maputo, is active in 6 of Mozambique's regions (Nampula, Cabo Delgado, Manica, Sofala, Maputo, Inhambane). The main recipients of CEDARTE's training programmes are:

Young people in search of their first job and that want to choose craft work as a way of life;

The unemployed for who craft work may be a valid alternative to their reemployment;

Active craftsmen, owners of micro enterprises or craft business employees;

The Fairs and FEIMA Crafts Market

CEDARTE organises a number of craft fairs providing opportunities for craft producers from across Mozambique to sell their products. Three national fairs are held annually, while in Maputo fairs are held every weekend. CEDARTE also provides support to craft producers in exhibiting and selling their products internationally. In addition CEDARTE was integral in the establishment and ongoing operation of the FEIMA Crafts Market in central Maputo.

The fairs have four main objectives:

  • The promotion and marketing of Mozambican handicrafts, increasing the visibility of the sector and increasing the appreciation of craft by both nationals and international visitors
  • Ensuring the presence of handicraft producers at the fairs, selected on the basis of quality with provincially based crafts people also represented
  • Increase in the presence of craft buyers
  • The provision of training workshops for crafts people and exhibitors in areas like: customer service training, cost of goods, and sale price.

Crafts People

Here are just a few of the crafts people assisted by CEDARTE:



Founded in 2010, Greenarte is a separate legal entity to CEEDARTE and operates using a for profit business model. Greenarte was established as an offshoot of CEEDARTE, which owns almost all shares in the company. Greenarte was set up as a dedicated vehicle for selling craft products made by the artisans CEEDARTE assists, helping them to increase their sales both domestic and international. Greenarte operates two stores in Maputo where it sells craft products. Working in partnership with CEEDARTE it has also assisted artisans to enter the local and international corporate gifts market. Greenarte furthermore has plans to develop an ecommerce and online sales dimension to its activities. In the longer term greenarte was established as a means through which CEEDARTE could become more self-sufficient, reducing its reliance on donor funding.



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Website: http://www.cedarte.org.mz/

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