GEODEV (K) ltd is a dedicated twenty-first century consulting firm that offers high quality Engineering, Mapping, surveying, Geographical Information Systems (GIS), Planning and Environmental Consultancy. Established in 1998, GEODEV (K) ltd draws on the knowledge and expertise of its core staff to offer specialist advice in a number of areas as listed below. In order to tackle more challenging tasks to the satisfaction of our clients, we form joint ventures and at some instances sub-consult other firms.
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The firm offers specialist consultancy on all aspects of engineering works and surveying to government departments, private individuals, parastatals, development agencies, non-governmental and community based organizations. The firm specializes in diverse professional fields which include:
-Local and economic development;
-Participatory planning;
-Project management;
Environmental impact assessment (EIA/EA) and public policy analysis is undertaken using the state of the art technologies and strategies. In executing its functions, Geodev (K) Ltd adheres to the highest professional standards possible and collaborates with other agencies with common interest to achieve results. Clients rely on our experienced and dedicated personnel who Focus on creating; rather than just promoting change. The key to promoting these high quality services is our understanding that:
"Growth is inevitable, planning makes the difference"
Geodev (K) ltd has the ability to successfully handle projects from the simplest to the most complex, and which require the highest level of expertise, dedication and innovation. Every project undertaken meets critical elements and it includes five phases; these are:
-Laying out a sound technical approach;
-Preparation of detailed work plan;
-Establishment of a realistic schedule;
-Assignment and organization of a qualified project team;
-Implementation of the work plan with effective technology transfer
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